Dives on Elba: the wreck of Pomonte

Depth: 12-13 meters
Difficulty level: easy
Stream: little
Visibility: good

Diving recommended by Pomonte beach.

The same dive site reached by boat, takes about one hour and forty minutes.

Beautiful diving open to all, the beam of light that enters into the wreck in some hours of the day creates a wonderful and charming atmosphere.

Position, type of bottom, and light that filters create an habitat for many species of fish: here we can find pelagic fish such as snapper and barracuda, but especially fish such as conger eel, moray eel and octopus that use the wreck as a safe shelter.

The wreck was a cargo boat (Elviscott) built in 1960 that sailed from Naples/Taranto directed to Marseilles, with a cargo of timber; on the night of January 10, 1972 due to a storm the ship aground on a big rock (Ogliera) in front of Pomonte and was abandoned by the crew who saved on a rescue boat.

For a time the ship remained with the stern resting on a seabed and the bow emerged, wedged between the rocks; later it was completely sunk due to the short proximity to the beach of Pomonte.

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