Dives on Elba: Shallow of Fonza

Depth: 3-45 meters
Difficulty level: medium
Current: medium
Visibility: excellent

Doubtless this shoal is one of the most beautiful and evocative dive sites of our coastline.

Located in the middle of the sea, a few hundred meters from "The Coralline" this shoal has its peak at 3mt depth and the part facing the east is characterized by a wall that drops to the bottom for about 40 meters, while the western side descends slowly to a depth of about 20m.

This dive site is full of life and along the wall it is easy to find many holes that offer a burrow to moray eels, conger eels and octopus.

Along the bottom of the wall, however, the view is more interesting and colourful, thanks to the presence of branches of Red Coral, very fascinating to observe, large yellow sponges and some crustaceans with a considerable size.

In the South side of the shoal, about 20 meters depth, there is a plateau where often live and hunt snapper, barracuda and amberjack, and always on the plateau has their habitat even the sea eagle that sometimes accompanies the divers during their diving.

Due to the currents to which the shoal it's exposed, the life all around is very intense and the colours are very pronounced even at shallow depths, where a careful diver can not fail to notice the presence of several species of nudibranchs, sea bream, damsels and salps

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