The Island of Pianosa

The island of Pianosa, also known as Devil's Island and called Planasia from the ancient time because of its flat morphology, today is the fifth largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Included in the county of Livorno and administered by the municipality of Campo nell'Elba, the island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, which still protects the land and marine area, making it a pleasant place for tours and excursions.

The island has been a penal colony since 1856, then in 1968 became a maximum-security prison and has been open until 2011, year in which has closed definitely. From that year is no longer prohibited to land on the island even if this aspect, on one side, had prevented the tourism on the island, but at the same time had guaranteed at the natural beauty to remain untouched.

However, the amount of daily visitors can not exceed the number of 250; they can only use the ferry that runs daily at 10am from the harbour of Marina di Campo on Elba Island, and returns from there at 5pm.

After a long and difficult process that lasted many years, on July 17, 2013 the National Park of the Tuscany Region, in collaboration with the Consortium of Elba Diving (CED), inaugurated the buoys along the north side of Pianosa's coast.

After this inauguration ceremony, The National Park allowed to the authorised diving centres to discover the most beautiful seabeds of the protected area of the island. This achievement is the result of a fruitful cooperation between institutions, law enforcement and the CED.

The stunning seascape, so far prohibited, will finally be seen by small groups of experienced divers, lead by environmental diving guides. This is an experimental fruition, which was preceded by a scientific screening that has defined the paths of immersion and all the access rules. Who wants to scuba dive in Pianosa should contact an authorized diving centre among our members.

Todays the experimental use is permitted on five dive buoys and two buoys reserved for emergency vehicles and surveillance.

The access to the mooring points is permitted only to pre-authorized diving centres by the Administration of the Tuscany Region National Park.

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