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Our diving has a boat in glass-reinforces plastic off 13 meters, "Super Papero".


Diving model: OMNIA NAUTICA
Year built: 1998
Name: Super Papero
Type: 3 PF 627
Lenght: 33 feet / 13 meters
Homologation: 16 people
Engine: 2 inboard diesel boat motors
HP: 2 x 300 (depowered)
Last revision: January 2017

"Super Papero" was built in 1998 by OMNIA NAUTICA as a diving boat. Thanks to its planing hull and its powerful engines, it can reach high speeds if required, but always ensure a steady and pleasant navigation both at diving sites and during the boat trip, even in case of rough sea.

It is divided into four parts:
The bow is wide and comfortable, both the passengers and the divers will enjoy their boat ride: the relax zone can be easily reached from both boat sides.

In the bow cabin you will find the dashboard with all necessary marine instruments, both for day and night navigation. There is also one berth for overnight stays, decent and easy-access toilets (marine WC and washbasin), one galley with a stove, one worktop, one 12-volt refrigerator and one sink with fresh water.

In the central area of the boat there is room enough to place your equipment and up to 30 scuba tanks and 16 numerated boxes, for storing your equipment during the whole week.
Furthermore you can hang up your wetsuits to get dry up to your next diving.
The entire central area has a permanent glass cover, completely closed. This cover is used as relax area by the passengers, who wish to lie in the sun.

In the rear part of the boat, astern, the scuba tanks rack continues, there is no cover over you, which allows the passengers to enjoy the beautiful landscape of "Isola d'Elba". Astern there are further 8 diving boxes. The bow instead is coverless, there is one boarding step to enter the water and two ladders for easy and stable climbing.

Welcome on board! Our staff will be glad to assist you from the very first moment aboard our Super Papero! For safety reasons you will be kindly asked to take off your shoes of flip-flops and put them into a box, as you won't need them as long as you are onboard.
Please also place your beach towels and clothes into the racks over your heads and be sure they won't get wet. We also suggest you'd better put your delicate objects in the cabin.
The diving equipment should be stored in the lateral numerated boxes at our guests' disposal; please keep with you your personal equipment.
Please find your wetsuits hung in the central boat area, they will dry a bit, thanks to the glass cover and the circulating air.
You are kindly asked to enter the cabin, only after taking off your wetsuits; before using the toilets, please pay attention to the instructions inside.
Onboard we are also glad to offer you mineral water, some drinks and snacks free of charge. And ask our SUB NOW staff in case you need something. We all want you to enjoy your trip!
So, our SUB NOW staff is just waiting for you ...

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