Dives in Pianosa: Dive site #SP7

Depth: 27-50 meters
Difficulty: for expert divers
Visibility: good

Pianosa - Dive from SP7

This dive site is characterized by a rock formation whose basis is at a depth of 40 meters, its sub-vertical walls have N-S direction and lead to the top of a shoal at a depth of 27 meters.

The dive starts by going down along the horizontal wall of a cap rock, with its typical pre-coral assemblages, furthermore characterized by an extended facies of CLAVELINA LEPODIFORMIS.

While descending to the basis of the shoal, the diver will have the opportunity of observing, particularly along the E-SE side of the vertical wall, fantastic facies of EUNICELLA CAVOLINI and precious and impressive fan shaped PARAMURICEA CLAVATA: the top attraction of this site.

This route is only for expert divers, due to the dive depth and the presence of remarkable sea bottom currents with N-S direction. An open water ascent is moreover necessary at this site.

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